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Irvine, CA

With a reputation as one of the safest communities in the country, Irvine is one of the nation's largest planned urban communities, encompassing more than 55 square miles. This upscale, Orange County jewel is located close to beaches, mountains and family attractions, as well as a wealth of cultural and shopping hubs. Irvine real estate is spread among more than 20 villages that were each planned to have distinct themes.

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Woodbridge, CA

Woodbridge is one of the most popular Villages of Irvine because of its strong sense of community and wide range of available housing. Centrally located within Irvine, the community is divided into 26 different neighborhoods, each built around it’s own park, and further divided into two areas – North Lake and South Lake. Woodbridge amenities are extensive including sand volleyball courts, pedal boat, canoe and kayak rentals for the manmade lakes, approximately 20 pools including designated adult only pool areas, and more. At it’s center, residents can shop at the Woodbridge Village Center which includes a discount movie theater, a local favorite.

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Cathy Haney is the #1 Realtor® in Woodbridge

For Orange County real estate professionals, finding a niche and establishing a true point of differentiation from the local market’s many agents is no easy task. That is, of course, unless you’re Cathy Haney, a licensed broker with an MBA who outsells her local peers by a factor of 15 and who ranks among the top 0.5% of agents locally and nationally. Over the last 25 years, Cathy has sold more than 500 properties, and she’s maintained this impressive level of consistency with a work ethic and a commitment to her clientele that are truly unwavering.

Since her youth, Cathy has been defined by her intelligence, her drive, and her determination—a few of the characteristics that got her into UC Berkeley, where she completed her undergraduate business degree and subsequently earned her broker’s license. After spending several years working in the banking and lending industry, holding a position at a national auditing company, Cathy decided to earn her MBA—and being pregnant with her first child and working full-time did not slow her down. Upon finishing grad school, she made another important decision to enter the residential real estate industry. Immediately, Cathy made a name for herself with her unique combination of financial expertise, business sense, and market knowledge—and, as a result, her career took off quickly.

“Clients tell me that I offer a higher caliber of service than they’ve experienced in the past,” Cathy explained. “I simply set out to deliver the level of accountability, service and results I’d expect myself from a real estate agent.”


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